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Hey hey, I'm Alice. I make 2D and 3D visuals to look at and play with. I got my MFA in Animation and interactive media from OSU, I worked as a data visualization specialist at The Center for Complex Network Research from 2017 to 2021 and now do generalist design contracting for all kinds of projects. I work with D3, Three JS, Unity3D, Maya, Processing & AfterEffects and am interested in many many other art & design tools! If you want to make things or talk about making things, you can reach me here: alice@alicenko.com

Exhibitions, Screenings & Publications
Hidden Patterns, ZKM, April 2021
Nature Human Genome 20th Anniversary Cover, Feb 2021
Hidden Patterns, Ludwig Museum, October 2020
Places & Spaces: Mapping Science, 2020
Nature 150 Anniversary Cover, Nov 2019
JMIR Serious Games, Nov 2019
VISAPP, October 2018
Art of Networks at CompleNet, March 2018
Hacking Arts @ MIT Media Lab, November 2017
OSU Spring Design Exhibition, March 2017
Unity3D Workshop @ Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing, February 2017
G'DEX Game Expo, October 2016
SIGGRAPH 2016, Voxel Bay: VR for Pediatric Pain Management Talk, July 2016
Ohio Game Developer Expo, Game Demo, November 2015
Digi-Eye Student Film/Video Showcase, May 2015
Drums Downtown XI, Real-time Animation Performance, April 2015
Ohio Game Developer Expo, November 2014
Journal of Molecular Biology Volume 426 Issue 22 cover art, November 2014
DAIM Recall Animation Screening, August 2014
FSU BFA Thesis Exhibition, November 2013
FSU Undergraduate Research Symposium, October 2013

Awards & Honors
Webby People's Choice 2020
Webby Award in NetArt, 2020
Information is Beautiful Awards shortlist, October 2018
People's Choice Award, Adobe Creative Jam OSU, April 2017
What's Good Awards 2017 Honoree (Voxel Bay), March 2017
SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards Finalist (Voxel Bay), March 2017
Arts and Humanities Graduate Research Small Grant, July 2016
Animation Faculty Search Committee, Spring 2016
President of Animation Club at OSU, August 2015 - May 2017
Honors Thesis Award Spring 2013
Ann Kirn Award Spring 2013
Anne Kirn Award Spring 2012
Congressional Arts Competition Juror's Choice Award 2008
Congressional Arts Competition Administrative Award 2008

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Human Genome Project Visualization

For the 20th anniversary of the human genome project's 2001 publication, we created a visualization of the human genome that represents the impact of the project as an above and below waterline comparison of the body of knowledge amassed for each gene, before and after the publication. For this project I created a 3d visualization for the cover image, an infographic and an animation.

Collaborators: Alexander Gates, Deisy Morselli Gysi, Albert-László Barabási.

(Feb 2021)

Front cover, based on the metaphor that the human genome project was just the tip of the genome discovery iceberg.

The infographic with legend and detailed information, printed alongside the commentary piece, for people who want to look into things on a chromosome or gene-level.

Gender Gap in Science

I created visualizations to accompany a commentary piece in Nature Index. We explored many animated and static visualizations to accompany the article and dataset. Here's the final published graphic, and some of the experiments we tried along the way.

Collaborators: Alexander Gates, Albert-László Barabási.

(March 2020)

The full infographic, representing data of male and female scientists' careers from the 40's to the present, including how much work they published and how much attention the work recieved.

A close up of the illustration, the ribbons are 3d renders of some of the actual career path curves!

An initial look at the data, with each particle representing a scientist moving through their career. The floating number is the actual year, so this is a replay of hundreds of careers from the 40's onwards. After the 60's It got way too crowded to be visually parsable, and the number of particles took a toll on the frame rate.

Here we have the average career for male and female scientists, and an animation showing how the average changes over the years. The space between the lines represents the gender gap.

A joy-division like series of offset linegraphs for each career. This is only a small snippet, there were way too many to show this way, but it was interesting to look at and I used these lines for the ribbons in the above illustration.

An early idea we mocked up comparing ratios of male and female scientists by citations, number of publications and overall population in different disciplines.

Once again, all the careers plotted as line graphs. Here you can see the red color fading out towards the end of the timeline, representing a core idea of the research, that one of the main differences between male and female scientists is early dropout from publishing.

Nature 150 Anniversary

I created these two visualizations of Nature's publication history and a fold-out cover design for the 150th Anniversary issue.View the interactive part here. I also created a pipeline for generating 3D geometry from these and rendering it 🙀

Collaborators: Alexander Gates, Mauro Martino and Albert-László Barabási.

(November 2019)

Front cover, featuring the co-citation network of 280K publications (linked if they cite the same source).

The inside of the fold-out cover, showing a timeline for five seminal nature papers and a chain of other papers connected by citation.


This is a collection of 3d network structures based on the reasearch of scientists from The Center for Complex Network Research displayed as 3d prints, in WebGL and in 360 video format. The collection and presentation shows a huge variety of scientific research in comparable abstracted forms. I made the WebGL component of this project and worked with researchers to create the 3D structures.

Collaborators: Mauro Martino, Nima Dehmamy and Albert-László Barabási.

(June 2018)

fake news network

Onur Varol's beautiful fake news network dramatically peeking from the fog (nodes are twitter users).

fake news network

Another shot of the fake news network.

fake news network fake news network

NYT Bestsellers

New York Times Bestsellers Data Visualization

This is an interactive data visualization showing 8 years worth of top 20 bestsellers in fiction and nonfiction.
I also created some supplementary illustrations to highlight points made in the original research paper.(Yucesoy et al.) Explore the visualization here.

(Apr 2018)

You can follow the trajectories bestsellers on the list by genre, author, title or point and click selection.

You can also color the timeline by different parameters, such as weekly sales or total sales of each book.

Humane Technologies

Humane Technologies Discovery Themes

This is a three part Virtual Reality Experience for the Oculus and Kinect created as part of a collaborative research project made possible by the Discovery Themes Grant at OSU. These experiences were designed to encourage users to engage in healthy movements like balancing on one foot, reaching and twisting. Each activity takes place in a different surreal environment that challenges the player's sense of space and self. I developed the Virtual Reality experience for this project using Unity3D.

Collaborators: Norah Zuniga Shaw, And many more! Read about it here

(May 2017)

The player plays as a disembodied first person character but can see their own motion in the shadow they cast, which is crane shaped.

By moving as prompted, the player lights up the orbs and the heron rises.

A bird's eye view from the flying part of the level.

A level prototype where movement controls a surreal, randomly populated environment.

A prototype of a low-poly environment generated by sound.

An image i created for the project website, before the work was created, in the ideation phase.

Shadows Mapping

Shadows Mapping

Shadows Mapping is dance performance, choreographed and performed by Angelica Bell and Biag Gaongen. I designed a interactive application to project real-time animated graphics cued manually during the performance as part of the choreography. The application was created using Unity3D and kinect motion recordings of the performers.

Collaborators: Angelica Bell and Biag Gaongen

(March 2017)

Swapmeet OSU

Swapmeet OSU

OSU Animation Club's take on swapmeet! I organized and participated in the creation of this collaborative animation piece, inspired by late night work club's original swapmeet. Each member contributed a background, then traded and animated on top of each other's scenes. I contributed the "bathroom world" background and animated on John Luna's grayscale oasis background.

Collaborators: OSU Animation Club

(January 2017)

my background john's background

Traumatic Brain Injury Training

Traumatic Brain Injury Training Tool

This is VR game created for the HTC Vive to train and assess children with traumatic brain injury for specific cognitive tasks. I contributed concept art, character designs, level design and asset creation.
(January 2017)

Muscular Dystrophy Game

Muscular Dystrophy Game

Made at Nationwide Children's Hospital using kinect motion detection as a movement assesment tool in the Muscular Dystrophy Clinic. I worked on the concept for this game, created the city environment(modelled from a map of the hospital campus) and did some character design.
(September 2016)

The Last Ingredient

The Last Ingredient

This is a 2.5D side scroller game made in 48 hours during chillenium game jam 2016. I worked on a team with three other participants (new friends). I created the character models for this project and helped my teammates realize their ideas for the levels, ui, scripting and art in this project. I was also the lighting designer for this game.
(September 2016)

Sublingual Tablet Game

Sublingual Tablet Game

Summer 2016 work for Nationwide Children's Hospital

This is a prototype of an application developed to teach children how to take sublingual tablets for grass allergies. For this project, I collaborated with John Luna to develop characters, wireframes of the screens in the app, as well as an iOS build demoing the basic functionality with just one of the characters (Dijon the cat) included.
(June 2016)

character wireframes dijon the cat

Voxel Bay

Voxel Bay

This project started as a summer internship at Nationwide Children's Hospital, and developed into a thesis project. It is a virtual reality game that serves as a pain mangement tool for children undergoing prophylaxis and other medical procedures. I made this game in collaboration with John Luna, advised by Jeremy Patterson and Dr. Amy Dunn.
(June 2015 - June 2017)

bathysphere pirate bay jungle dock

Fire Safety AR

Fire Safety Simulator 9000

Fire Safety Simulator 9000 is a Virtual and Augmented Reality tool prototype for iOS devices that allows families to experience and practice fire safety techniques. featured above are a smoke inhalation scenario and a door temperature test instructional graphics that appear overlayed in a stereoscopic augmented reality view.


main menu smoke death door test

Patience Worth, Residency I

Patience Worth, Residency I

I participated in the development of an interactive system for cueing projected visuals as a part of the multi-media performance piece, Patience Worth. I developed some of the behind-the-scenes controls and projected content such as a projected oujia board with spider-planchette, real-time controlled paper dolls and digital thaumatropes. Read more about this project at for/word company's website.

(October 2015)

paper dolls thaumatropes ouija

Fandango 13

Fandango 13 Audio Visualization

Audio visualization for musical performance with real time controls, developed in processing with Shumeng Zhao. We choreographed a performance for Columbus's drums downtown event in the performance of "Fandango 13" as seen in this video. In this video, we are in the back of the orchestra pit cueing the audio visualization changes live.

(April 2015).

An early iteration, set to Hajnal by Venetian Snares.

A recording of the final version as part of the performance at Drums Downtown 2015

Solos Game


A point and click puzzle solving/platformer game created in collaboration with John Luna and Garrett Davis, using the Unity Game Engine. Play Solos Online (requires Unity web player plugin). Nuture your relationship with the goat, make it through all five levels.

(December 2014)

solos screenshot solos screenshot dandelion room solos screenshot mirror room solos flood room

Reconstructing Memory

Reconstructing Memory
Animation, 0:55
An animation about the mechanics of remembering. Made using AfterEffects and Photoshop for the frame-by-frame portions. Images are by me and the Flickr Commons.
(September 2014)

Animal Taxonomy

My undergraduate thesis project for my BFA at Florida State University. I created illustrations of animals with unsual taxonomic calssifications as well as an interactive gallery to display them.
(December 2013)

ayeaye hyrax tusks termite solenodon

Journal Covers

Two journal covers created for the journal of molecular biology and Genome Research cover bid. The JMB cover won the bid and can be viewed here
(2013 - 2021)

Nature Feb, 2021 Nature Nov, 2019 Nature Nov, 2018 Genome research cover proposal Molecular Biology Nov, 2014

Datamaxx Group

I worked as an in-house graphic designer at the Datamaxx Group, creating design collateral such as logos, print material, images to share on social media, website and interface graphics. My work can also be seen on the Datamaxx website
(2011 - 2014)

infographic icons christmas graphic tradeshow ad wireframe for ar


Some early & miscellaneous animation and illustration pieces!

dog loop tarot fool animation

The fool tarot card animated gif

imp trunkface bigone

Illustration in the style of Shaun Tan